10 top holiday MP3 songs for bar party in 2018

Happy Holidays, my friends!

I present to you a list that gather my favorite music that me deem worthy to be added into our holiday music marathons. We still enjoy and dance with music in party, or you would like to have a nice sleep to relax your body during relaxing music. I give you, my friends, a list.

Top 10 Baby Doll

In 2018, only few days left. People started preparations for the New Year celebration right now. In a night club, the party is going to be celebrating, so someone has arranged the party in the farm house.

Top 9 Roll the Bones

I love a good raspy singing voice. His music is described as a mix of blues, folk & rock n roll, definitely has a unique sound. I predict that DJs do love the mix, with which you can dance and wave along.

Top 8 Happy Holiday

“Happy Holiday” is a popular songs which was introduced by Bing Crosby and Marjorie Reynolds . While it is commonly regarded as a Christmas song, in the film it is performed on New Year’s Eve, and expresses a wish for the listener to enjoy “happy holidays” throughout the entire year. You should listen to happy holiday during great holiday.

Top 7 Cold December Night

“Stockings are hung with care

The children sleep with one eye open

Now there’s more than toys at stake

Cause I’m older now but not done hoping”

So moving lyrics that you could have a peace and lovely night.

Top 6 Bang Bang Bang

Bang Bang Bang is the Bigbang’s most popular dancing song. Bigbang’s experimental blend of hip hop, EDM, and rock elements in their music,personal involvement in producing their own records, and stage performances have been admired by music critics and served as influence to numerous K-pop and international artists.

Top 5 Everybody

Everybody should wave along with “Everybody”.


In 2018, to be a humble person, is my next plan. The full job is not my love, even though is my first job. But we should learn more skills to enrich our life.

Top 3 You belong with me

Well-known singer Taylor Swift composed the song. You can sing with your friends in the party. Why not download to your PC or phone?

Top 2 Happy Ending

Say goodbye to 2017, in the left days, have a nice ending. Finish your work and go out to date, listen to your favorite songs and dance, don’t care anyone.

Top 1 Happy New Year

Say hello to 2018 with your big smile. I wish you, my friends, to be a happy man forever.

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